Project Description


JasmineAWK Project Leader

Can you believe that in the Montrose County School District there are 200 accounted for homeless youth, YIKES! When the school district staff reached out to PEER Kindness about this, my heart broke. A quick idea came to mind, lets make and fill caring bags. With the help of the school district and community members, we made that happen. Donation boxes where placed at a few locations around town, including PEER Kindness. We asked for non-perishable food items, gloves, hats, scarves and blankets. The school district donated hygiene products. We filled 200 purple PEER Kindness re-usable bags. As we were putting the bags together, my heart was filled with comfort knowing that these youth might feel some joy, and I was hopeful the bags might even help them feel included and not so different. As I saw the office full of bags, it also saddened me to know there are people out there who don’t have what they want, let alone need. I hope that this small act of kindness made a positive impact on their lives; it sure made one for me!